Program Eligibility


The FYRE Scholars program accepts applications year-round. If you have ever been part of the foster care system then you are welcome to fill in the interest form to get involved.


Have been in foster care for ONE DAY. Submit the required documentation that verifies your status as current or former foster youth/ward of the court.


Students for the FYRE Scholars program will be identified through information provided by the Office of Admissions and Office of Financial Aid. Through these offices, students who have applied and are admitted into UCI self-identified themselves on their applications as former foster youth. Both offices are utilized to cross-reference students to confirm their former foster youth status.

Once all students are identified as former foster youth, they are contacted by Student Success Initiatives via email and are encouraged to register their former foster youth status with the office. Registering with the office requires proof of former foster youth status and students who need guidance in acquiring such documents can be given more information through SSI.

As of the 2016-2017 academic school year, 65 former foster youth students registered with SSI.

FYRE Pamphlet

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