Program Services:

Guaranteed Housing: FYRE Scholars receive priority on-campus housing each quarter until graduation.

Priority Enrollment: FYRE Scholars receive priority registration for classes for each quarter until graduation.

One-on-One Personalized Academic & Career Support: FYRE Scholars are required to schedule one meeting per quarter with the FYRE Counselor. This meeting would encompass conversation regarding any academics/classes, resources, opportunities on-campus (jobs, internships, volunteering, etc.), and any personal support needed.

Academic and Enrichment Monthly Workshops: Workshops are specifically designed for FYRE Scholars and will take place throughout the year. Workshops will consist of a range of topics, including on-campus resources and opportunities, time management and study skills, health and wellness, financial literacy, summer planning, career exploration, graduate school preparation, etc. Certain workshops are collaborative with other workshop initiatives occurring at Student Success Initiatives and the Transfer Student Hub.

Textbook Scholarships: FYRE Scholars are provided funding to purchase textbooks for classes through non-profits partnerships. Organizations such as the John Burton Advocates for Youth: Burton Book Fund and Echoes of Hope. These organizations have their own requirements of eligibility for book funding that are separate from the FYRE Scholars Program.

Testing Material and Printing: FYRE Scholars have access to free printing and testing material such as scantrons, blue books, and etc.

LARC Tutoring Scholarship: UCI offers on-campus tutoring through the Learning and Academic Resource Center (LARC). Typically, this tutoring service costs $110 per quarter. However, through the scholarship, FYRE Scholars can have their LARC tutoring paid by SSI. FYRE Scholars are required to complete an online scholarship agreement form and must adhere to the terms of the agreement every quarter.

Textbook and Chrome Book Loan Program: FYRE Scholars may borrow available textbooks, chrome books, and material each quarter, at no cost to them, through the Gateway Initiatives Book and Chromebook Loan Program. FYRE Scholars may check out up to two textbooks or course materials per quarter and given a contract each quarter. FYRE scholars may be able to look at books available through two online libraries, the FYRE Library: and the SSI online library

CalFresh Assistance: The FYRE Scholars Program works closely with the on-campus CalFresh Advocates to help and guide the FYRE Scholars with the CalFresh application. Also, FYRE Scholars have access to other Fresh Hub services.

FYRE Peer Mentor: FYRE Scholars are paired with a mentor who guides and supports them throughout their academic year. FYRE Scholars are expected to check-in with their mentor on a monthly basis for 30 mins or less. As well, attending social events to continue community development.

Referrals to on-campus liaisons and community organizations: FYRE Scholars are referred to our liaison for academic advising and support, housing issues, financial aid concerns, and mental health services.

Welcoming Community and Study Space: FYRE Scholars are welcomed and encouraged to visit the Student Success Initiatives office. Scholars have access to their FYRE Counselor/Coordinator.